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breakup freedom

After a breakup, it can feel nearly impossible to believe in a brighter tomorrow. In all relationships, we form “habits” of the heart, whether those are feelings and emotions; activities and time spent together; physical touch; or even arguments, conflict, and reactions.


Over time, ALL of these habits begin to feel necessary to our very being, and it’s immensely painful when we sever or disrupt any of them with a breakup. We developed the app to help support you in the process of breaking your habits as you get over your ex.

breakup freedom is a comprehensive mobile app that relies on human psychology and a step-by-step process to get over a breakup. The app uses a multi-pronged approach to achieve healing and a renewed sense of possibility.

No Contact

  • Did you reach out to your Ex?

  • Is your Ex reaching out to you?

  • Set goals for yourself and see how your feel after streaks of contact or no contact

The concept of No Contact comes from the understanding that it takes time to get over someone (no matter how good or bad the relationship was) in order that you may focus on what you REALLY want out of life…without your ex and the habits built around them clouding your vision.


Breaking the habit of a person is no different than breaking any other habit. Research shows that breaking a habit can take complete abstinence from it for 21-30 days. Still others say it takes half the time that you were together to get over someone.


Whatever the case is for you, a period of No Contact is encouraged by many, many relationship professionals. It DOES work, and our mobile app, breakup freedom, is a tool to help get you through it.

Forming New Habits

  • What new habits do you want to add to your life?

  • What old habits do you want to let go of?

  • How are you doing on keeping up with focusing on YOU?

Everyone needs new interests and goals that can help them recover from the after-effects of a breakup. breakup freedom supports you in forming new, good habits for 1 to 3 months.


Renew yourself. Refresh yourself. Become stronger, feel more attractive, and be more self-assured with new avenues for the mind, body, and spirit. Get to know more about yourself in the process. When you complete certain tasks, the app congratulates you on reaching milestones based on time and behavioral factors.


The app keeps you motivated and focused on self-fulfillment.


  • Stay inspired to build your new life

  • Celebrate the milestones of your breakup recovery

breakup freedom sends notifications straight to your phone with inspiring quotes from thought leaders such as Brene Brown, Buddha, Caroline Myss, Christine Hassler, Eleanor Roosevelt, Iyanla Vanzant, Jack Kornfield, Karen Salmansohn, Mandy Hale, Maya Angelou, Michael Jordan, Mindy Kaling, Oprah Winfrey, Paulo Coelho, Pema Chodron, Steve Maraboli, and Thich Nhat Hanh, to name a few.


You will also get notifications when you achieve your No Contact milestones, as well as nudges to celebrate them.


  • Podcasts

  • Articles

  • Videos

  • What do you need to focus on today?

breakup freedom gives you access to a comprehensive, tried-and-tested suite of articles and resources that can help you believe in yourself again. There’s no need to wade through Google searches since the app features some of the best information available for dealing with and healing from a breakup.


This is a PRIVATE but OPEN to everyone forum to support each other – you can expect respect and empathy on your journey here.

  • Find support from others going through a breakup

  • Connect with breakup coaches for 1 on 1 work

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