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Why are we here?

A breakup. Ugh. Just the sound of it hurts. But you are not alone. Most of us have gone through a rough breakup, followed by that painful period of feeling lost and soul-sick.

That’s why we created breakup freedom: to help free your broken heart from today’s darkness, and guide you—as quickly as possible—to the better life you’re truly meant to have.

We wholeheartedly believe there’s a loving relationship for you out there. But before you can find it, you need to get straight with yourself. This means fully accepting the loss that you feel and confronting and releasing those old relationship habits. The problem is you need energy and support to do this, often the kind of energy you just don’t have and the kind of support you don’t know where to find.

So we did that part for you.


We went out and found some great resources. Then we developed a few tools. And we compiled them all in one place—here at—to make it easier for you to start healing. It’s all in there: a pat on the back (or a kick in the butt) when you need it, words that your heart wants so much to hear, and ways to keep track of your progress. Because none of this is worth it if you can’t acknowledge where you started and see how far you’re coming along.


breakup freedom is for YOU…no one else. It’s a gift to yourself with benefits we hope will last long into your future.

What’s our logo about?


Our logo is a cairn with a heart on top. A rock cairn is used in many ways, but typically you’ll see it when hiking on long trails to help guide you towards a destination. Living in Colorado, we love great hikes, so when we were coming up with ideas for the logo, we came across this—and it stuck.

Rock cairns mark the greatest treks through the mountains, symbolic of our journeys of the soul. Let this logo be a marker for you, a guide on your path to healing your heart.

Want to write for breakup freedom?


Contact Us if you’re interested in writing about break ups and break up recovery to reach our audience.  We’re always looking for great ideas and fresh perspectives!

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